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Home News Samsung Galaxy Fold gets Galaxy S20 camera features with latest update

Samsung Galaxy Fold gets Galaxy S20 camera features with latest update

The update also includes the May security patch.


What you need to know

  • Samsung has released a new update for the Galaxy Fold with Galaxy S20 camera features such as Pro video mode and Single Take.
  • The update also brings the latest May 2020 Android security patch to the foldable flagship.
  • Currently, the update is rolling out only in France.

Samsung’s foldable Galaxy Fold was finally updated to Android 10 last month, nearly four months after the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series phones. While the Android 10 update for the Galaxy Fold also brought along One UI 2.1, the $2,000 flagship did not get all the Galaxy S20 camera features that were recently rolled out to the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series phones. Samsung is now rolling out a new update for the Galaxy Fold, bringing nearly all of the Galaxy S20’s best camera features.

As per SamMobile, the latest software update for the Galaxy Fold arrives as version F900FXXU3BTDD. It includes Galaxy S20 camera modes such as Single Take, Night Hyperlapse, and Pro video mode. The update also adds support for the My Filters feature in the Camera app, which lets users create custom filters using existing photos. In addition to the new camera features, the update includes the May 2020 Android security patch as well.

The update is currently rolling out only to the LTE variant of the foldable phone in France. However, it shouldn’t take very long for the update to expand to other regions. The update is also likely to become available for the 5G variant of the Galaxy Fold within the next few days.

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