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These are the best smartphones you can get from Walmart

Walmart may not be the first place you think of when it comes to picking up a new smartphone, but the big-box retailer is working on changing that as it continues to offer the latest and greatest phones to hit the market. We have found some of the best smartphones you can get unlocked, for Straight Talk, or for those who want a prepaid phone.

The best overall phone

Samsung Galaxy S20


Staff Pick

If there’s one Android phone out there that checks all of the boxes for everyone, it has to be the Galaxy S20. This is technically the “low-end” S20 variant compared to the S20+ and S20 Ultra, but for most folks, it’s the one we’d recommend first. The AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate looks gorgeous while still being easy to manage in one hand, the triple rear cameras are a lot of fun to use, battery life is excellent thanks to the 4,000 mAh size, and you get goodies like wireless charging, expandable storage, and Samsung Pay.

$800 at Walmart

Powerful stylus

Samsung Galaxy Note 10


Released a few months before the S20, the Galaxy Note 10 is another flagship Android phone that you can’t go wrong with. It technically has a lower-end processor and a smaller battery than the S20, but it’s still plenty powerful and capable of anything you throw at it. The big draw to the Note 10 is its S Pen — allowing you to draw, take hand-written notes, and even use it as a remote shutter button for the camera. This particular bundle comes with a Straight Talk plan and a hefty discount to boot.

From $834 at Walmart

Camera champ

Google Pixel 4 XL


Moving away from Samsung phones for a minute, another device we’d urge you to check out is Google’s Pixel 4 XL. The Pixel 4 XL was met with some controversy following its release, largely over its battery life. However, assuming you’re OK with the mediocre endurance, the Pixel 4 XL has a lot to offer. The 90Hz AMOLED display is a joy to use, there aren’t any hiccups with performance, and the dual rear camera system captures some of the best pictures you can currently get with a smartphone.

$899 at Walmart

Mid-range done right

Moto G7


Should you like the above phones but just can’t justify the high price tags, you have plenty of other options — one of which is the Moto G7. Motorola’s G-series phones are among the best in the mid-range space, with the G7 being no different. Simply put, the Moto G7 has everything you need for a reliable Android experience. The 6.2-inch display is great for work and play, performance is snappy thanks to the Snapdragon 632 processor and 4GB of RAM, and the 3,000 mAh battery allows for a day of solid use. There’s even a headphone jack!

$299 at Walmart

Always up-to-date

Google Pixel 3a


The Pixel 3a is the first budget phone Google’s ever released under the Pixel brand, and for a first attempt, it’s remarkable just how darn good it is. On the technical side of things, the Pixel 3a delivers a Snapdragon 670 processor, 4GB of RAM, a 3,000 mAh battery, and a headphone jack. So far, pretty similar to the Moto G7. However, the Pixel 3a has two big advantages — cameras and updates. The 3a captures gorgeous photos, going head-to-head with much more expensive flagships. You can also rely on software updates through May 2022.

$300 at Walmart

For tight budgets

Samsung Galaxy A10e


Now, let’s say you’re really strapped for cash but still need a quality phone to keep you connected. What should you do? We’d recommend picking up the Samsung Galaxy A10e. This is on the lower end of the totem pole for Samsung’s smartphone offerings, but for the price you pay, it’s impressive just how good it is. You get a 5.83-inch HD+ display, 32GB of expandable storage, and an 8MP rear camera. You’ll also get a 3.5mm headphone jack, 3,000 mAh battery, and a pretty sleek/modern design.

$99 at Walmart

Need a new phone? Check out what Walmart has to offer

Walmart may not be the first retailer you turn to when you need to buy a new phone, but it really should be. The company’s selection of Android phones is actually pretty great, with various sales and rollbacks making it easy to get a good deal.

Overall, the best phone you can buy at Walmart right now is the Samsung Galaxy S20. Yes, it’s expensive, but there’s also no denying just how good this thing is. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 chipset paired with 12GB of RAM results in outstanding performance, Samsung’s display tech is better than ever, the cameras got a major upgrade, and we can’t get enough of that battery life.

If you’re in the market for something more affordable, another great pick is the Google Pixel 3a. While not as technically impressive as the Galaxy S20, the Pixel 3a still manages to deliver a thoroughly enjoyable experience at a fraction of the price. The display is solid, camera quality is excellent, and the guaranteed software updates are a huge win for long-term use.

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