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Home News Redmi 9A with 5000mAh battery set to launch in India next week

Redmi 9A with 5000mAh battery set to launch in India next week

The phone could be powered by the same Helio G70 chipset as the Realme C3.


What you need to know

  • Redmi India will be launching a new phone with a massive 5,000mAh battery next week.
  • Even though it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, the phone is expected to be the direct successor to the Redmi 8A.
  • Along with the Redmi 9A, the brand is also expected to launch a new power bank in the country.

Redmi India began teasing the launch of a new phone in India earlier this week, saying that its 2020 smartphone lineup will feature powerful processors and deliver a powerful user experience. The company today confirmed that it will be holding an event in the country on February 11, where it is expected to launch a new phone and a power bank.

Gear up for the first #Redmi launch of 2020, launching on 11th Feb, 12 noon! 🤩 #MorePowerToRedmiExcited? Click here to get notified: https://t.co/Bf04XZt9Wc pic.twitter.com/tCiBlvOu6Z

— Redmi India (@RedmiIndia) February 6, 2020

Along with the teasers on Twitter, Redmi India has also set up a dedicated teaser page for the upcoming smartphone. Even though the name of the upcoming phone hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, the teaser page reveals it will come equipped with a massive 5,000mAh battery, dual rear cameras, and offer “strong grip” thanks to a textured pattern on the back cover. These clues suggest the upcoming Redmi phone could be the Redmi 9A, a direct successor to last year’s Redmi 8A.

#Redmi8A: Best smartphone under ₹8K in India! 🇮🇳 Dumdaar features for Dumdaar users! 😎But YOU can make it better! Share suggestions to make Redmi 8A even better.RT,tweet with #DeshKaDumdaarSmartphone & tag me!😊2000 RTs & most #Dumdaar response wins next #Redmi device! 🙌 pic.twitter.com/V2Ch0ttFu5

— Manu Kumar Jain (@manukumarjain) February 6, 2020

A video featuring Xiaomi India chief Manu Kumar Jain has also been posted by Redmi India, seeking suggestions from fans on how the Redmi 8A can be made even better. If rumors are to be believed, the Redmi 9A will be the brand’s first phone to run on MediaTek’s gaming-centric Helio G70 chipset. Provided the rumors are accurate, the Redmi 9A could prove to be a strong challenger to the Realme C3, which was launched in India earlier today.

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