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How to use Google Duo in the Galaxy S20 phone dialer


With the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung has integrated Google Duo directly into the phone dialer, making it easy for you to video call your friends and family. You can initiate a video call from the phone dialer, and you’ll be taken to Duo for the call itself. Here’s how you can make Duo calls from your S20’s phone dialer.

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  • Obvious upgrade: Samsung Galaxy S20 ($1,000 at Samsung)

How to use Google Duo in the Galaxy S20 phone dialer

Open the phone dialer.
Select the contact you want to video call.

Tap the Duo icon underneath the contact’s details to initiate a video call.


The video call will be transferred over to Duo, and you can chat like you would on any Duo call.

You can also switch from a regular voice call to a video call. When you’re in a call, hit the Video call button to switch to Duo.


Baking Duo into the Galaxy S20’s phone dialer makes it that much easier to start a video call with the software. You no longer have to go to Duo and browse through your contacts to start a call. The best part about this integration is that you can seamlessly switch from a regular call to a Duo video call straight from the dialer.

Do note that for Duo integration to work, your contacts will have to set up Duo. Google’s video calling service comes pre-installed on all new Android phones, and as it works with phone numbers, there isn’t a lot to set up here.

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$1000 at Samsung

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The Galaxy S20 has everything you’re looking for in a flagship. There’s a stunning 120Hz AMOLED display, the latest internal hardware, 5G connectivity, and exciting new cameras that let you shoot 8K video. Combine all of that and new software additions, and it’s easy to see why the S20 is the phone to beat in 2020.


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