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Protect your Moto G7 screen with these great protectors

The Moto G7 was one of the best budget phones released in 2019 and still a great phone as we head into the new year. With all the money you saved, the least you can do is buy some accessories to keep your G7 in tip-top shape. We’ve rounded up the best screen protectors here — including the Poetic Revolution case, which comes with a screen protector. Bonus!

Reliable brand

Mr. Shield Tempered Glass (3-pack)

Staff pick


Buying tempered glass screen protectors in bulk is an excellent idea because they’re designed to take the abuse and be replaced. Mr. Shield makes top-quality screen protectors, and the value of its three-pack is hard to beat, especially when backed by Mr. Shield’s No-Hassle Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

$6 at Amazon

Line it up right

LK Tempered Glass with Alignment Frame (3-pack)


Sometimes the hardest part of putting on a screen protector is lining things up correctly the first time. LK’s tempered glass screen protectors include a handy alignment tool that makes installation a breeze. You also get a couple of backups in case the first one takes damage.

$6 at Amazon

Two for one

Supershieldz Tempered Glass (2-pack)


Supershieldz is another reliable screen protector brand that consistently offers excellent products that are backed by a lifetime replacement warranty. These include all the features you’d want like hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings and rounded edges for a comfortable hand-feel.

$7 at Amazon

Wet installation

Skinomi TechSkin (2-pack)


Transitioning from tempered glass to film screen protectors, Skinomi’s offering is a wet install, which means you’ll use the included spray before installing the TPU screen protector. Skinomi claims its product to be military-grade and self-healing, but if it ever gets too worn down, you get a second screen protector for a fresh start.

$8 at Amazon

Buy in bulk

Supershieldz Matte PET Film (6-pack)


Supershieldz also offers a six-pack of PET film screen protectors with an anti-glare matte finish that also just so happens to be the best price on this list. Tempered glass is the superior material for protecting your screen, so if you go with the film it’s nice to have some backups on hand. Also a great option if you’re buying more than one Moto G7.

$7 at Amazon

This one comes with a case

Poetic Revolution Series case (with screen protector)


Okay, this might be cheating, but honestly, if you’re buying a screen protector, you might as well buy a case that fits it, too. Poetic makes some pretty rugged cases, and with the included screen protector, you’ll know your phone is always well protected.

$17 at Amazon

A small investment to save your phone screen

Screen protectors can be frustrating to install on flagship phones with screens with waterfall curves along the edge. This is especially disastrous with tempered glass that either let dust get in around the edge or simply doesn’t defend edge-to-edge.

Because Motorola doesn’t do the drastic curved glass display thing with its G-series phones, that leaves the choice between tempered glass and film screen protectors down to your personal preference and cost. For that reason, the Mr.Shield Tempered Glass (3-pack) is your best bet for a reliable tempered glass screen protector for your Moto G7.

A tempered glass screen protector will certainly protect better against severe drop damage, but a film screen protector can be better at defending against scratches and are easier to replace. Plus, you can snag some great deals like the six-pack of Supershieldz screen protectors that also feature an anti-glare matte finish. You can also find rugged cases like the Poetic Revolution that include a complimentary screen protector.