Protect your Moto G7 with these slick cases

The Moto G7 has turned a lot of heads with its low price point and decent specs. However, we all need to find various ways to keep these devices protected, and that’s where cases come into play. These are some of the best cases around for your brand new Moto G7.

Trusted brand

Spigen Rugged Armor

Staff pick


Spigen has been in the case game for quite some time, and the company is back at it with the vastly-popular, Rugged Armor series. You get Spigen’s Air Cushion technology for shock-absorption, along with the interior spider-web pattern, all in a great package.

$14 at Amazon

Full body protection

Poetic Guardian Series


This full-body Hybrid case from Poetic covers every corner of your Moto G7, including the screen with its built-in screen protector. Plus, the rear of the case is clear, so you can still show off that shine glistening from your brand-new Moto G7.

From $17 at Amazon

Clearly a winner

Spigen Liquid Crystal


Another awesome option from Spigen is the Liquid Crystal clear case. It’s the ultimate minimalist case because of Spigen’s slim yet protective design that uses the Air Cushion technology in the corners but is otherwise nearly invisible. You’ll forget its there until it saves your phone from a nasty drop.

$13 at Amazon

Protective flowers

Ueokeird Slim Schockproof Floral Case


This one’s for those who like floral designs on their cases, but want to keep the Moto G7 protected against drops. This shockproof case from Ueokeird has a weird name but offers a unique design, along with a raised lip to keep your screen free from scratches.

$10 at Amazon


KEZiHOME Two-Tone Vintage Leather Back Cover


Some folks just like the feel of leather more than the different plastic cases that are on the market nowadays. This new case sports a thin design, along with genuine cowhide to complete the two-tone ensemble.

From $16 at Amazon

Let’s kick it

Poetic Revolution Series


Poetic is killing the game with great, protective cases, and the Revolution Series for the G7 is no different. This case sports a built-in kickstand, along with a built-in screen protector, offering a great way to keep your new phone safe from harm.

From $17 at Amazon

Simple protection

TUDIA Merge Series


TUDIA is always good for making cases for Motorola phones, and the Merge series is an appealing choice for its slim and simple dual-layer design that looks stylish and protects at the same time. Choose from four available color combinations and keep your phone safe in style.

$13 at Amazon

Wallet case

ICARECASE Vegan Leather Wallet


There’s something to be said about a great wallet case, and for the Moto G7, one of the best you can get comes from ICARECASE. Made out of high-quality faux leather, this case features gorgeous stitching, card slots to hold up to three cards, and a magnetic closure to keep everything safe and secure.

$14 at Amazon

Time to make a decision

These are some of the best cases that you can find for the new Moto G7, with some offering uber-protection, and others just plainly looking good. However, if you want the best of both worlds, you really can’t go wrong with the Spigen Rugged Armor. This is a case we often recommend for just about every phone that comes out, and as it currently stands, it’s one of the best you can buy for the Moto G7. From the design, protection, and price, it gets everything right.

We also recommend the Spigen Liquid Crystal if you’re looking for a minimalist option that protects without distracting from the design of your phone. It’s a consistently reliable case design that I trust with pretty much every phone I own.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Poetic Revolution is perfect for people that need as much durability as possible. Not only do we love the super-rugged design, but it also comes with a built-in screen protector that only sweetens the deal.