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Home News PlayStation 5 specifications possibly leak, features 9.2 teraflops

PlayStation 5 specifications possibly leak, features 9.2 teraflops


These just may be the real specifications.

What you need to know

  • For many months, rumors have been floating around about the PlayStation 5’s chip.
  • Digital Foundry contacted an analysis of the leaks and uncovered possible new information.
  • The PlayStation 5 may feature 9.2 teraflops of power.
  • The Xbox Series X is rumored to be around 12 teraflops.

For a few months now, there’s been a rumor floating around that the upcoming PlayStation 5 (PS5) would feature around 9 teraflops (tflops) of power. The data was posted on GitHub, but due to codenames and other hurdles, it took a while to analyze. Luckily, Digital Foundry looked over the information and uncovered possible new details about the PS5.

Digital Foundry said that there may be validity to these leaks because the chip features a couple of different modes, which line up exactly with past PlayStation specifications. This confirms the backward compatibility feature. As always, take this with a grain of salt. For all we know, this could be an elaborate hoax, though it seems highly unlikely because that would require a hoaxer to actually manufacture the chip.


If you read the analysis by Digital Foundry, the leaked specifications for the PS5 indicate 9.2 tflops of performance. According to Windows Central’s leak of the Xbox Series X, Microsoft is targeting 12 tflops of power. If this is indeed true, the next Xbox will be much more powerful than the PS5.

Digital Foundry also noted that chips are designed over several years and that these specifications are unlikely to change. However, the clock speed might be altered. What do you think about these leaks? Let us know.

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