How to set up Gameshare on your PlayStation 4


Games are expensive, and not everyone can afford to purchase multiple titles a year at $60 a pop. Since digital media is taking over, it’s becoming rarer that we simply lend friends or family physical copies of our games, but if you’re looking to share your digital library of games, there is a way to do so on PlayStation 4.

How to set up Gameshare on your PlayStation 4

Log in to your account on the PlayStation 4 console that your friend or family member uses.
Go to Settings.
Select Account Management.

Select Activate as Your Primary PS4.


Select Activate.


Once this is done, your friend or family member can download any games from your library to their console. They can then access these on their own accounts, even if you are not logged in on their console at the time.

Though you can do this process with an unlimited amount of people, only two people can be playing the same game simultaneously, meaning you can’t share your library with several other friends and all hop into the same online game with each other. While gamesharing is a great method to help offset the costs of games, there are some warnings to be aware of. Should any major changes to your account need to be made, you’ll have to restart the process. This also goes when you or your friend/family member buy a new console.

Another big warning to remember is that should PlayStation Network suffer any downtimes or outages, the games you own digitally won’t be available to you, but will instead be on the console the console that originally bought the game. It’s an annoying thing to deal with when it happens, but thanks to PlayStation Network being reliable (most of the time), isn’t something you have to worry about happening often.

Why bother Gamesharing?

Gamesharing is the easiest, most pain-free way to save money on new games. Not everyone can go out and spend hundreds of dollars on multiple games each fall. When you don’t have a physical disc to loan out, this is the next best thing. Think of it like sharing your Netflix account.

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