Monday, July 22, 2024

Google Home and Home Mini can finally be paired with other smart speakers


Once paired, you won’t be able to change Assistant or sound settings on individual speakers.


What you need to know

  • Google’s original Home and Home Mini smart speakers can be now be paired for stereo sound.
  • Users will be able to set up a speaker pair with the help of the Google Home app.
  • The Google Home Max and the new Nest Mini already support this feature.

The original Home and Home Mini speakers have finally gained (via Android Police) the ability to pair with a second smart speaker for stereo sound and a wider soundstage. Google had first rolled out this feature to the Home Max and later added pairing support to Insignia’s Assistant-enabled smart speakers as well. The company’s new Nest Mini smart speaker offers support for the feature right out of the box.

In order to set up a pair, you will need to open the Google Home app on your phone and then tap on one of the speakers that you want to pair. Next, tap on settings and find the “speaker pair” option. You can then choose the speaker you would like to pair and also assign a left and right channel. Once you are done with the pairing process, you will be able to use the paired speakers as one.

However, when you pair two speakers, Google Assistant will be disabled on the right speaker and only respond on the left speaker. If you wish to have Assistant enabled on the right speaker, you will need to unpair the speakers.

Once the speakers have been unpaired, you will be able to use Assistant on both of them. It is also possible to add a speaker pair to a larger speaker group from settings in the Google Home app. The paired speakers will act as a single device when added to a larger group.

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