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How to set up automatic Do Not Disturb rules on an Android phone


Phone notifications can be really distracting when you’re in a work meeting or trying to pay attention and take notes in a lecture hall. Not only that, but the flickering light of a notification in the night can disturb your sleep.

When you know there are times that you absolutely don’t need your phone buzzing and blinking with notications, Android gives you the ability to set custom rules for when to automatically turn on (and just as importantly turn off) Do Not Disturb mode. It’s all found in your phone settings and is super easy to set up.

How to set up automatic Do Not Disturb rules on an Android phone

From your phones setttings, tap Sounds.
Tap Do Not Disturb.

You will see a section for Scheduled rules. Tap Add.


Here you set the parameters of the Do Not Disturb rules. For the sake of this how-to, I’ve selected Monday to Friday.
Tap From to select the time when Do Not Disturb mode will automatically turn on.

Tap To to select the time when Do Not Disturb mode will automatically turn off


Back in the Do Not Disturb menu, you will want to turn your focus to Allow Interruptions.
Here, you can set exceptions for Calls or Messages from everyone (although that would be kind of redundant), contacts only, favorites only, or no one.
Decide whether you want to allow interruptions from Repeated calls, which means that a second call from the same person or phone number received within three minutes will not be silenced.

With this new rule in place, your phone will automatically turn off notifications during the set times on the selected days. You’re able to add as many custom rules as you need so you’ll never be bothered by annoying notifications during study times or while you sleep.

DND Rules are a core Android feature

These do not disturb rules are baked right into Android at a system level so you should be able to find them on any Android phone you’re using,as long as you’re using a phone running Android 8.1 or above. Earlier versions of Android may show these features differently.

Of course, if you’re looking to upgrade your phone we’ve got a solid recommendation for you to consider.

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