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Home News Get more out of your Ring cameras with these accessories

Get more out of your Ring cameras with these accessories

The Ring cameras are a great way to make your home smarter and a bit safer. The cameras can be mounted high for you to see the whole surrounding area around the front of your house, and it features a speaker and microphone so you can yell at people that are near your house. The future is truly upon us. The Ring cameras come with a mounting kit to get you started, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop there. These are the best accessories for Ring camera!

Power of the sun

Wasserstein Solar Panel for Ring Spotlight Cam

Staff Pick


There’s a version of the Ring camera that already has its own solar panel. This is an excellent upgrade for those that started with a battery-powered version. The panel connects to the battery inside your Ring camera, so even if it’s a gloomy day, your camera will have enough juice to keep going. It comes in black or white, and there are screws included to keep it in place.

$45 at Amazon

Better battery

Ring Rechargeable Battery Pack


Having the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery means you don’t need to mess with your home’s electrical system. However, you will need to keep a fresh battery handy. This battery recharges itself over with an included USB cable. Users note it takes seven hours for a full charge, so keep that in mind when you want to make sure your camera has power.

$29 at Amazon

Unlimited power

Alertcam Power Adapter for Ring Spotlight Cam Battery

Of course, never needing a new battery is the best option. This power supply from Alertcam will do just that. It comes with a 25 foot, weatherproof, cable to keep your Ring Spotlight Cam Battery powered continuously up. It shouldn’t be hard to snake it to an available power outlet in your home.

$15 at Amazon

Charge up

Wasserstein Ring Battery Charging Station

If you like to keep backup batteries, ready to replace ones that have run out of power, then this little charging station is a perfect accessory. It is compatible with batteries that come with the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery, Ring Doorbell 2 and the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery. Even better is that you can charge two batteries at a time.

$13 at Amazon

Better mounting options

Alertcam Ring Mount


If the mount included with the Ring camera doesn’t let you angle it exactly how you want, this mount from Alertcam is a great replacement. You get enough screws, bolts, and nuts to work with most of the Ring cameras, but you’ll still need a drill and screwdriver to get everything in place. Once it’s in place, you can adjust the camera vertically and horizontally, so it gets the best view of your yard.

$10 at Amazon


Silicone Cover Case for Ring Camera


If you’re getting a bit too much glare on your footage — or just want an extra bit of weather protection — this cover is for you. It’s just a simple piece of black silicone, no different than what you’d use on your phone or tablet. It provides a hood around your camera so the glare from the sun won’t be a bother, and raindrops will flow off, keeping your video feed pristine. This specifically works with the wired version of the Spotlight camera, not the solar or battery-powered versions.

$12 at Amazon

Better angles

CAVN Ring Doorbell Adjustable Angle Mount

Depending on the design of your home and front doorway area, you might need to angle your Ring Doorbell to a certain degree to capture the best view of anyone coming to your front door. If that is the case, then this corner kit angle mount from CAVN is just for you. It allows you to adjust the viewing from 30 to 55 degrees. It is compatible with the WiFi Enabled Ring Doorbell and the Ring Doorbell 2.

$10 at Amazon

Cover up

Wasserstein Silicone Skin for Doorbell 2

If you’re looking for some extra protection for your Ring Doorbell — specifically for the Doorbell 2 — then this silicone skin is just what you need. It is weather-resistant and fits snugly around your Doorbell 2. It has cut-outs for the button, camera, and sound grill on the side.

$10 at Amazon

Stay protected

The Ring camera is great on its own, but it doesn’t have to end there. Whether you want a better power supply, more mounting options, or some extra weather protection, these accessories will make using the Ring cameras much more enjoyable. If you’re only going to get one of these accessories, I’d go for the Wasserstein Solar Panel, since it means you’ll never have to worry about a dead battery or routing a long power cable again.

The Alertcam Ring Mount is also a great option if you want to be to mount your camera on the ceiling or adjust the angle more. Made for the Ring Spotlight Cam specifically — wired or battery-powered — it lets you set the camera horizontally.


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