The best bands for your 42mm Galaxy Watch

The 42mm Galaxy Watch is one of the best companions for your Android smartphone, so of course, you can personalize the heck out of it. You can choose your watch face, and swap the watch band out for any 20mm strap. There are a ton of great-looking options at very affordable prices. Here are the best replacement bands for the 42mm Samsung Galaxy Watch!

Stretch armstrong

Speidel Stainless Steel Watch Band


Staff pick

Stretch watch bands are fantastic because they go on in an instant, and they’re always the perfect fit. Getting that ideal fit means visiting a professional jeweler, but it’s worth the time. This band from Speidel comes with either a straight or curved end, and the company offers a few color options.

$13 at Amazon

Totally metal

Kai Tian Stainless Steel Band


This band from Kai Tain is made of brushed stainless steel, and it comes with a free resizing kit to create the perfect fit. It’s available in black or silver, and the standard clasp makes putting the band on a breeze.

$20 at Amazon

Wooden wonder

LDFAS 20mm Wood Band


This band has something you don’t see every day: red sandalwood in between each link. You can get this band with black, rose gold or silver steel, and all look great with the red wood. There’s a clasp to get the band on and off your wrist easily, and quick release pins to make installation a piece of cake.

$27 at Amazon

Lust after the leather

Barton 20mm Top Grain Leather Watch Band

Top Grain leather is the highest quality leather available, and this band lets you wear some right on your wrist. There are 15 different color combinations to best match your style, and the quick release pins make putting the band on a breeze.

$25 at Amazon

Less expensive, still stylish

WOCCI Vintage Leather Watch Strap


This band is a thinner leather, so it’ll flex a bit easier on your wrist. There are only a few color options — three to be exact — that’ll fit your Galaxy Watch. The watch doesn’t feature quick release pins, but it does include an installation kit.

$13 at Amazon

Minimalist style

Benchmark Straps Suede Watch Band


If you want a watch band to match your Blue Suede Shoes, this is the one for you. The suede has a minimal design, with no stitching along the sides. There are seven different colors to choose from that’ll fit your Galaxy Watch, and genuine leather underneath to make the strap a bit sturdier. Finally, there’s a kit included to install the band onto your watch.

$20 at Amazon

For your daily workout

Moretek Silicone Replacement Strap


While the Galaxy Watch comes with a silicone band, this one would be a bit better for your workouts. The extra perforations on the band makes your wrist breathe naturally, and lets you get a more exact fit, leading to a more accurate heart rate reading. The strap comes in 13 different colors and features quick-release pins so you can swap it for something classier after your workout.

$11 at Amazon

Totally secure



If you want a watch band that won’t budge, you want a NATO strap. This one from STYLELOVER is made of heavy-duty nylon, and it comes in 16 different colors. The only buckle color is silver, so keep that in mind if you want one for your Galaxy Watch.

From $8 at Amazon

Mix and match

Ritche NATO Strap 4 pack


If you like to mix and match your bands, this pack from Ritche is a great way to do just that. You get four NATO straps so that you can swap them out, so the pattern fits your mood. All of the bands have silver buckles and keepers, so you won’t have to deal with paint chipping. Finally, there’s an installation kit and a few extra pins included inside.

$13 at Amazon

Get cuffed

Balerion suede leather cuff


This impressive, wide cuff-style band comes in six colors and has a wide section right under your Galaxy Watch itself so that you won’t feel the cold metal against your skin — just comfy suede.

$20 at Amazon

The comfort game

Barton canvas bands


If you’re looking for the most comfortable band you can get, this just might be it, especially once it’s broken in. There are 11 colors to choose from, and the band has a simple buckle closure. These bands are 8 inches in total length and have quick-release switches.

$21 at Amazon

Classic leather look

Fullmosa leather band


These leather bands have that sort of “gator skin” look about them and come in six colors. They’re a little more elegant-looking than its more distressed leather brethren, and it has quick-release switches for easy removal.

From $9 at Amazon

Give your Galaxy Watch new life with a fresh band

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a beautiful wrist accessory, but the stock strap that comes with it can get gross after extended use. Whether you’re looking for something classier to better accessorize your watch or want a more casual band or something specifically for working out, there’s a ton of options out there thanks to Samsung following the 20mm standard with easily swappable pins.

All of these are great options, but my personal favorite is the Speidel Stretch Band since it goes on and off in an instant and will always have a perfect fit, but I also recommend the Barton bands if you want to choose from a good variety of leather strap styles.