How to put custom songs onto Beat Saber on Oculus Quest


Beat Saber is one of the best titles on the Oculus Quest. It has you slash blocks and dodge bombs to the rhythm of pop, drum and bass, and more. While Beat Saber has a nice selection of songs built-in and has more songs through DLC, it falls short when it comes to most contemporary music. Thankfully, users have created custom song levels for Beat Saber.

Getting your Oculus Quest ready for sideloading

Sideloading content onto your Oculus Quest is relatively easy thanks to a program called SideQuest. You can check out our full guide to sideloading apps on the Oculus Quest or read the relevant steps for sideloading custom songs onto Beat Saber below. If you’ve already set up SideQuest on your PC, you can skip directly to the steps to install songs.

Note: putting custom songs onto your Oculus Quest has removed save data in the past. The status of how it affects save data changes with different updates of SideQuest.

The first thing that you need to do with your Oculus Quest to sideload apps is enable developer mode. This is done through the Oculus app on your phone.

Open the Oculus app.
Select Settings.

Select your Oculus Quest headset.


Tap the arrow to the right of your device name to drop down more options if they don’t show up immediately after selecting your device.
Select more settings.
Select developer mode.

Toggle the developer mode setting to on.


This opens a website (unless you’ve unlocked developer options on an Oculus device before).
Scroll down and select the link below create an organization.
Log in to your Oculus account
Enter the name of your “organization” (this can be anything).
Select submit

Agree to the terms of agreement.
Open the Oculus app again.
Select Settings.
Select your Oculus Quest headset.
Tap the arrow to the right of your device name to drop down more options if they do not show up immediately after selecting your device.
Select more settings.
Select developer mode.
Toggle the developer mode setting to on if it isn’t already switched on.

How to set up SideQuest on your PC

Next, you’ll need to get SideQuest ready on your PC. You’ll have to download SideQuest from GitHub and install it. It’s an executable file so if you’ve used those before it should work as any other. You can download it on Windows, Mac, and Linux, but here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the process on Windows.

Go to SideQuest’s Github page.
Download the version appropriate for your device.
Click on the downloaded file.
You’ll get a pop-up from Windows that says, “Windows protected your PC.” Select more info.

Click Run anyway.


Click extract.
Open the folder that you extracted it to.
Find the folder SideQuest-win32-x64.
Double click SideQuest.exe.

How to connect your Oculus Quest and SideQuest

To set up SideQuest and to install any applications, you’ll need to connect your Oculus Quest and your PC.

Connect your Oculus Quest to your PC using a USB-C cable.
Select Connect Device in SideQuest
Put on your headset, and select Allow USB debugging.
Make sure to check Always allow from this computer.
Install the App Launcher by selecting Install App Launcher on SideQuest on your PC.

The app launcher creates an Unknown Sources folder in your Oculus Quest’s library so you can easily find apps and games that you’ve sideloaded. You can now install APKs onto your Oculus Quest.

Create a backup

While we haven’t run into any issues sideloading custom songs onto the Oculus Quest, it’s always a safe practice to create a backup. That way, you can restore previous versions if anything goes wrong. SideQuest has a tool built-in to create and manage backups.

Select browser.
Select my downloads.
Select backups.
Scroll down to Beat Saber and select the settings icon

Select backup APK file.

You now have a backup of your Beat Saber APK in case anything goes wrong. You can also use this same section of SideQuest to backup and manage backups of apps you have on your Oculus Quest.

How to install custom songs onto Beat Saber

SideQuest is set up perfectly to add custom songs to Beat Saber. You can browse hundreds of songs in a browser built right into SideQuest, preview songs, and add them to your custom songs for syncing to your headset. If you’ve skipped straight to this section, make sure that you’ve made a backup, as guided above, so you have one if anything goes wrong.

Click on browser on the left panel of SideQuest.
Navigate to (the browser opens on this page by default).

Click on the songs dropdown menu and go to the category you’d like to select music from such as “most liked this week.”


Tap on the down arrow icon to download any song that you’d like.
Click on My Downloads in the upper right-hand corner of SideQuest.
Drag and drop songs into My Song Packs.
Select sync songs.

Select run patcher. This creates an APK that can be put onto your Oculus Quest.


Select install APK.

You’re good to go! The custom songs are now on your Oculus Quest. To play them, select the custom maps section within Beat Saber.

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