How to improve the stream quality of PS4's Remote Play.


When you first start using Remote Play, the quality of your graphics can seem off. Remote Plays default settings aren’t always ideal for the screen you are playing on considering their default option is standard definition. You can fix this by simply adjusting a few settings before you launch the program, here’s how.

Adjusting Remote Play’s video quality

Launch Remote Play.

Once loaded, click on Settings in the lower-left corner.


Under Video Quality for Remote Play use the resolution drop down menu to select High (720p).


Click OK to save the change.
And finally, click Start in the lower right corner to begin streaming your game.

If the device you are streaming to supports 1080p, it will also be in the resolution options, as it was for my PC in the image above. You can try each resolution to see which works best for your device, there is a little guess and check required as not all internet connections are made equal.

Your internet connection also comes into play if you try to change the frame rate. If you have a robust internet connection, you can increase the frame rate to high, but for most users, standard is the better option. But with a few clicks a little testing, your Remote Play video quality should be looking good. Now that you know how to set it up, enjoy those games anywhere you have a DualShock controller and compatible device!

Remote Play where you want

Nyko Smart Clip


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If you are streaming to your phone, the Nyko Smart Clip keeps your screen in a better position to see your game without straining. The clip doesn’t get in the way of the lightbar, touchpad or any of your ports so you can plug in to charge while you play.

COWIN E7 Noise Canceling Headphones


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The E7 headphones are a more lightweight and portable option to a standard gaming headset. Able to connect with either the included 3.5mm audio cable or BlueTooth; you can hear your games on the go or even chat with your team on the built-in microphone.

Seagate 2TB External Hard Drive for PS4


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As you add more games to your system and space starts to run low, it can be hard to decide which games to delete. You don’t have to with Seagate’s 2TB external drive. Don’t limit yourself; play what you want, when you want, where you want.