How to unlock the flying Icarus vehicle in Rage 2

Just like in the original Rage, the newly-released Rage 2 is set on a post-apocalyptic open world, but with the increased power of modern systems, Id Software and Avalanche Studios have increased the world-size considerably. You can explore on foot or use a ground vehicle, but if you want to get around Rage 2 quickly and efficiently, you’ll want to get your hands on a flying vehicle as soon as possible. Fortunately, we’re here to show you how to unlock flying vehicles in Rage 2 so you can make the most of the wasteland and quit wasting time.

1.Level up with Dr. Kvasir

There are a variety of different ways to unlock vehicles in Rage 2, including simply stealing them, but for the flying “Icarus” gyrocopter, you’re going to have to put in some legwork.

Once you complete the game’s opening mission and get sent out into the world, you’ll be given three destination points for three separate key characters. One of these is Dr. Kvasir, who is located on the western side of the map.

You have world-activities tied to your “level” with Kvasir, and it will gradually increase over time. Unlocking the Icarus requires your level with Kvasir to be at 7.

The three main activities you’ll need to complete to raise your level with Dr. Kvasir are unlocking Arks, finding dead Rangers, and scavenging Feltrite meteorites. You don’t even have to speak with Kvasir first before you begin completing these – you can actually unlock the gyrocopter before you visit him.

2. Complete Search & Recover objectives

Arks are scattered throughout the open world and when you come across one, it will pop up on the game map. Kill all the enemies surrounding the Ark, step up to its door, and use your Focus ability until it opens. Inside, you’ll get a reward like a weapon or new ability, and it will add a nice bump of experience to your Dr. Kvasir level. Any Ark Chests you discover will also add a bit of experience, and they will be listed on the objective checklist in areas that contain them.

If you are having trouble finding an Ark to open, hold the Focus button and look in the sky all around you. The rainbow-like beams emitting from the clouds show the locations of Arks you haven’t unlocked yet.

Ranger Echoes play out like mini-puzzles, as you’ll need to find Rangers’ bodies in dangerous locations. They vary in design, but typically involve deactivating a dangerous device or squeezing into a tight corridor. Once you’ve scanned the body, you’ll receive your experience.

Feltrite meteorites don’t give you as much experience as you’ll get from some of the other options, and they’re also somewhat random, but experience is experience. Whenever a meteorite crashes to the ground, Walker will make mention of it. Go to the map and you’ll find it marked relatively close your location. Once you’ve arrived, kill all surrounding enemies and then use your Focus ability to strip the meteorite of all Feltrite. You’ll get your reward once this is completed.

How to use the flying Icarus vehicle

It will take several hours of normal play before you reach Level 7, and playing through side missions you come across – even those for other key characters – will often lead to an activity or chest that will go toward your goal with Kvasir. Once you have reached Level 7 with Kvasir, you’ll get an alert that the Icarus is unlocked.

Head onto a road or open area in the wasteland, and then open the menu to the “Vehicles” tab. The third option from the top is for the Icarus, and if you are in an eligible flying area, you will see an option underneath its model to call it in for $10. Doing so will spawn it right next to you, as is the case with ground vehicles, and you can start flying.

The Icarus isn’t designed for aerial attacks or escaping dangerous threats, but rather for quickly making your way from one objective to the next. On a gamepad, you raise the altitude by pulling the right trigger, while you can lower it again by pulling the left trigger. Turning is done with the left analog stick, and though it can’t fly the highest, it’s an agile vehicle that can get around tricky terrain.

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