The best Moto G7 Play cases to help you work hard and play harder

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While competition from other brands has grown over the last few years, Motorola is still one of the best choices you can make when you’re looking for a capable phone that won’t break the bank. Motorola’s best budget offerings are to be found in the Motorola G7 range, and the Moto G7 Play, which packs decent power into a $200 price point, is the cheapest of these.

But “cheap” doesn’t mean “throwaway,” and if you want your phone to last for the next couple of years, physical protection is a must. To keep your budget phone safe from everyday threats and hazards, a protective case is a must. Here are some of the best Moto G7 Play cases you can buy.

Qoosea Clear Case

Budget phones don’t have to be unattractive, and protection doesn’t have to mean hiding your phone. This clear case from Qoosea is made from completely clear TPU, which offers strong protection against a variety of threats, while also allowing your phone’s style to shine through. The soft TPU material doesn’t just add shock absorbency, it also adds grip, so you’re less likely to drop your phone in the first place. Do keep in mind that while this case is protective, it won’t be as protective as bulkier cases, so if you need more serious protection, skip this. However, if the slim and clear design is exactly what you want, this is the case for you.

Dretal Slim Carbon Fiber-style Case

Dretal’s carbon fiber-style case is a great option if you’re looking to add a little sci-fi style to your phone. In terms of protection, you’ll find slightly more than you would with a standard clear gel case. The TPU used in this case is slightly stiffer, and comes with more rigid edges to provide stronger resistance to bumps and drops. Each of the four corners is protected with an airbag system, and the raised edges mean your display and camera are elevated away from potentially hazardous surfaces. Despite that additional protection, it’s still a very slim case, so you’ll have no problem slipping it in and out of a pocket.

Head Case Designs Carina Nebula Case

Want a case that’ll really grab some attention? Head Case Designs offers a huge range of protective cases with eye-catching designs. This Carina Nebula design is part of a Head Case Designs’ space-themed series, but there are loads of other designs to consider too. It’s made from hard polycarbonate, and won’t be as good at absorbing impacts as softer TPU. However, it’s tough and durable, and should still do a good job of protecting your phone. It’s not going to be as protective as other cases, but Head Case Designs’ slim cases are still a good choice if you want to turn heads when you pull your phone out.

Ghostek Covert3 Case

Ghostek is well-known for making some extremely protective cases with water-resistance, and while the Covert3 doesn’t come with that feature, it still protects your phone very well. It’s the latest in Ghostek’s Covert series, which aims to add protection without adding additional bulk to thin phones. It’s made from a TPU bumper with a hard polycarbonate backplate, so it comes with a great mix of hard and soft resistance for a series of hazards, and reinforces that protection with additional drop protection on the corners. A nonslip coating has been applied to the case, and it comes with raised edges for further protection. Ghostek is a brand you can trust, and at $16.50, this case is offered at a great price too.

Mobile Fun

NagaBee Camo Holster Drop Case

If you’re after heavy-duty protection, then you’re probably most interested in this case from NagaBee. It’s a dual-layer case, so it uses a soft TPU inner core backed up by a hard polycarbonate outer shell to provide strong protection against drops, scratches, and similar damage. The backplate also comes with a handy kickstand for watching videos, making it perfect for anyone on the go. It also comes with a hard holster that can be clipped onto a belt. The case slides in and out of the holster, offering a quick and easy way to keep your phone constantly available but still safely stowed away. While the camo styling may not be for everyone, this is a great way to keep your phone protected while in potentially hazardous areas.

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