Secure your home with Eufy's new 2-camera 1080p kit on sale today

Safe and sound.


The Eufy Security wireless 1080p security camera two-camera kit is down to $369.99 on Amazon. The 2-camera kit normally sells for $460, and this deal marks its first discount ever. At this price, you could buy an extra camera for $150 and the total would still be cheaper than upgrading to the 3-camera kit.

The Eufy Security camera kits only released in February and have not had any major deals yet. This kit includes two wireless 1080p eufyCam E cameras and the Eufy HomeBase Station, which works with Amazon Alexa. You’ll also get two magnetic indoor mounts, two secure outdoor mounts, a 16GB microSD card, and all the cables you need. The 16GB card is enough to store a full year of recordings, but the system supports cards up to 128GB so you can ensure you never run out of room. The cameras are designed to run for a full year on a single charge and up to three in Standby Mode. They are weather resistant and have night vision so you’ll get crystal clear HD video day and night.

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