Improve your game with these thumb grips for your PS4 controller

It’s no secret that the DualShock 4’s weak point is its analog sticks. The surfaces are slippery and domed, and the grip material isn’t very durable. Some people also find them to be stiff. Thumb grips for your PlayStation 4 controller can help all of that. We’ve highlighted the best options here, from ones designed to give you an edge in first person shooters to entire collections of them that can be used more for matching your style or protecting it from wear and tear.

Ultimate Control

KontrolFreek Performance for PS4

Staff Pick


KontrolFreek’s Performance offers superior grip and security thanks to its clasp-like mounting mechanism and studded surface. Heightened raise also gives you greater control, offering greater accuracy and range of motion.

$17 at Amazon

For FPS Gamers

KontrolFreek FPS Freek Vortex for PS4


Here’s something specifically for those who love playing first-person shooters. These grips vary both in height and surface design — one is concave and the other is domed. This setup helps you lock onto your targets faster.

$17 at Amazon

Affordable Quality

Insten Silicone Analog Thumb Grips


Insten’s grips are very affordable. At the same time, they also look great and offer a bumpy surface to help keep your thumbs from slipping.

$6 at Amazon

Show Your style

BeautyMood Colorful Thumb Grip Caps


BeautyMood’s collection of silicone thumb grips won’t offer the best control, but you get 40 of them in all. There’s a great variety of colors and styles too, a great boon for customization buffs.

$9 at Amazon

Total Control

Pandaren Studed Anti-Slip Package


There are four different pairs of grips in Pandaren’s package, each with a distinctive style and design. Mix and match them however you like. Pandaren gets bonus points for the studded controller skin.

$10 at Amazon

Go for the best

There are tons of thumb grips out there to consider, with many of them fitting like loose-fitting socks or not quite getting the “grip” part right. We’re confident that these are the best thumb grips you can buy for your PlayStation 4 controller. KontrolFreek offers the best of the best, though. While pricey, the raised design and tight grip of the KontrolFreek Performance give you all the control and comfort you need, all the while protecting the material on the original analog sticks from wear and tear.