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Home News Get a better night's sleep with a great white noise machine

Get a better night’s sleep with a great white noise machine

A white noise machine can be used when studying and relaxing, but most use it for sleeping. The perfect white noise machine is going to be different for each individual, but the best models will have more than one sound, optional timers, are mostly portable, and are easy to use. Here are the best for your wallet and your sleep cycle today.

Headphones compatible

Aurola White Noise Sound Machine

Staff pick


The Aurola machine is equipped with up to seven authentic sounds — from white noise to thunderstorms and oceans — that’ll be helpful with getting to sleep. It also has adjustable volume, and has an optional timer of 30, 60 and 90 minutes, but what makes it stand out from the others is the inclusion of a headphone port, allowing you to listen to the Aurola without disrupting your partner’s sleep.

$30 at Amazon

Voice controlled

Echo Dot 3rd Generation


The Echo Dot may be better known for streaming music and Alexa games, but it also has Sleep Sounds, which allows you to pick between a range of sounds and set a sleep timer with your voice alone after you’ve gotten all nice and cozy in bed. And like the Aurola, the Echo Dot has an auxiliary out headphone jack for plugging in headphones to listen through the night without disturbing others.

$50 at Amazon

Portable and light

SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine


The SNOOZ’s design is portable, light and small, making it easy to travel around with at your own convenience. It has a fully adjustable volume settings and is useful against night-time noises such as barking dogs and noisy neighbors. You’ll also be able to use the SNOOZ’s app on your phone, allowing you to change settings like alarms, on/off timers and the like without needing to do it manually.

$80 at Amazon

Adjustable tone and pitch

Marpac White Noise Machine


With the Marpac, the setup is simple: plug it in and switch it on. Volume is also adjustable, with a high setting being used for noisier environments, and low used for everything else. You’re also able to adjust the tone and pitch of the Marpac through twisting the device’s collar, allowing you to have more options on what sound best suits you. It also comes in four different colors: white, tan, black, and gray.

$45 at Amazon

Battery-powered backup

Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine


This white noise machine comes with six different sounds (rain, brook, ocean, thunder, summer nights, and white noise) and an optional timer that can be set for 15, 30 or 60 minutes, making it useful for those who’d use the machine for studying purposes or that quick afternoon nap. It does come with an AC adapter, but you can also power it with 3 AAA batteries for peaceful sleep when the power’s out.

$20 at Amazon

Has memory feature

AVANTEK White Noise Machine


The AVANTEK has 20 non-looping sounds, including the sound of fans, adjustable timers and a 30-step volume range, but its memory function remembering what options (volume, sound, and timer) you chose before turning the white noise machine off will make it easier to use once you’re in a rhythm. It can be powered by an AC adapter, which is included, or by a USB cable.

$37 at Amazon

Beyond white noise

Adaptive Sound Technologies Lectrofan White Noise Machine


The Lectrofan is designed to help you relax better, whether that be in the office, study hall or sleeping. It comes equipped with twenty different sounds — ten sounds like fans, and another ten for various white noise pitches. This unit features precise volume control and can also be powered by a USB cable or an AC adapter, both of which come with the machine.

$50 at Amazon

Suited for all environments

Google Home Mini


The Google Home Mini is like having a simple, hands-free Assistant around the house. It can help you keep track of the weather, tell you jokes, and the like. But most importantly, it can also play a number of ambient sounds to help you relax throughout the day, and even as you sleep. These sounds do loop, allowing them to play for up to 12 hours non-stop if you desire.

$50 at Best Buy

A white noise machine is perfect depending on the person, but with up to seven different sounds, as well as the option to plug in headphones, the Aurola White Noise Sound Machine comes pretty close to being the best choice for anyone looking for the best machine. If you’re looking for a white noise speaker that can serve other uses during the day, consider grabbing the Amazon Echo Dot which can put you to sleep with Sleep Sounds and then wake you up with music come morning.


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