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Here’s our take on the best Galaxy S7 Edge screen protectors

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge may be two generations old, but it’s still a capable beast that’s worth your time. So regardless of whether you’ve got an S7 Edge you’re happy to hold on to, or you’ve just spotted a bargain, you probably want your S7 Edge to last you a good while — and a big part of a device’s longevity is having capable protection.

We’ve already highlighted a whole bunch of great Galaxy S7 Edge cases that will keep your phone well protected, but what about the screen? A curved 5.5 inches of display is a lot, and no one wants to be viewing their Twitter feed through a spiderweb of cracked, scratched, or dirty glass. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best Galaxy S7 Edge screen protectors that you can buy to keep your phone looking as pristine as the day you bought it.

Otterbox Alpha Glass ($12)

Otterbox is the brand you turn to for amazing protection, and that reputation applies just as well to Otterbox’s collection of screen protectors. The Otterbox Alpha Glass is a tempered glass screen protector, so you can trust it to take more major blows than a film protector, while it’s also been treated to ensure it doesn’t shatter should the worst happen, keeping its shape and preventing glass shards from injuring users. It’s easy to apply to the screen, retains the AMOLED display’s clarity, and curves around the S7 Edge’s signature curved edge.

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Spigen Curved Crystal HD ($25)

Looking for something a little less heavy-duty than a tempered glass screen protector? Spigen is another well known name with a great reputation, and its Curved Crystal screen protectors are a great addition to Spigen’s range. They’re made from PET film, and come with everything you need to attach them quickly and easily — Spigen even has a guide video to help. The protector fully covers the front and sides of your phone, including the capacitive buttons, and comes with no reduction of clarity or touchscreen sensitivity. Film won’t take a blow quite like tempered glass will, but it will protect against greasy fingerprints, minor scratches, and keep dirt from coming into contact with your screen. Best of all — it’s a twin pack.

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Spigen Amazon

Ringke Invisible Defender ($12)

Do you want even more coverage? You can’t handle more coverage! Just kidding, you can totally get it from Ringke’s Invisible Defender. Made from PET, like the Spigen film protector, this Ringke protector comes with two additional wings on either side that wrap around your phone, keeping dust and dirt from getting underneath the protector. Since it’s so thin, it works well with any protective case you might be using, and helps create a fully sealed-in feeling. It’s made from non-yellowing material to thwart that older screen protector look, and it even comes in a twin pack, just in case you need a replacement.

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Ringke Amazon

InvisibleShield Glass Curve ($55)

Another great name with a solid reputation, InvisibleShield is primarily known for the quality of its display protection — and the Glass Curve is perhaps the best example of why that is. It’s made from 9H-hardness-tempered glass with a multi-layer construction, making it supremely tough and resistant to damage, it’s gently curved to match your phone’s edge, and the top quality glass ensures the display’s clarity shines through. It’s smudge-resistant, and comes with a finish that’s smooth to the touch — and the tabbed application means you can see exactly where you’re applying your protection. It’s expensive, but it’s also covered by a lifetime guarantee.

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InvisibleShield Amazon

Skinomi Techskin Full Coverage Protector ($13)

Still not enough coverage for you? Check out this protector from Skinomi that covers the entire S7 Edge, front-to-back and edge-to-edge. According to Skinomi, the Techskin protector is made from a special film used to protect luxury cars, military aircraft, and even space shuttles. Suddenly spreading it across your entire phone makes sense. It won’t provide much protection against larger bumps and drops, but it will provide good all-around scratch protection, as well as keeping those unsightly fingerprints away from your phone’s glossy body. It’s pretty much invisible once applied, and has an anti-yellowing layer to prevent unsightly aging.

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Skinomi Amazon

Zizo Tempered Glass Screen Protector ($14)

Want the protection of glass, but don’t want the hassle or the high price tags of some? Zizo’s tempered glass screen protector comes with the 9H hardness you expect from a glass screen protector, doesn’t impair screen clarity, and doesn’t cut down on the responsiveness of the touchscreen. It comes with an easy-install tray for super-easy and fast installation, it’s colored to match your S7 Edge, and since this is glass, it should protect your display for a long time. Those are a lot of features for a very reasonable price.

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Zizo Wireless Amazon

Top Trade US Tempered Glass Privacy Protector ($8)

Sick of feeling like people are looking at your screen from the corner of their eyes? Need to protect your privacy while you’re out and about? Check out this privacy-focused screen protector that places a filter over your display that means it can’t be seen from angles of over 90 degrees. It does dim the screen a little, but if you need to keep your bank details or clandestine meetings secret, then that’s a small price to pay. It’s made from film, and resists scratches and grease well, and the special design means it matches the look of your phone perfectly.

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