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Give your friends a Glympse of your location with this helpful GPS app

Why it matters to you

This real-time location-sharing app helps people quickly share their current location, making it easier to meet up and stay safe in the outdoors.

One of the handier features of any modern mobile operating systems is the ability to share your exact location with friends and family at any given time. Unfortunately, a lot of smartphone users don’t know how to use this functionality, or worse yet don’t even know that it exists. Glympse (available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone) is hoping to not only change that but make location sharing so quick and easy.

The free Glympse app was built to make cross-platform location sharing as simple as possible. It allows users to select which of their contacts can see where they are at any given moment and even allows them to grant tracking privileges for a limited amount of time as well. Additionally, you can select specific destinations on the map, and have Glympse share estimated arrival times and speed of travel via text message with individuals or whole groups of people. The app even allows you to request the location of others so you will know when to expect them as well.

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So how does the location-sharing software help while taking part in our favorite outdoor activities? Well, it provides a nice safety net should an emergency situation arise while we’re in the backcountry. For example, if someone happens to get hurt or lost, they can simply take out their phone and share their current location and condition with one of their contacts. Knowing their exact whereabouts will help search-and-rescue efforts immensely.

Beyond that, there are a number of other ways Glympse can come in handy for outdoor enthusiasts. For instance, if you’re going skiing with friends and get separated on the hill, the app makes it easier to find one another. Or, if you’re out riding snowmobiles or ATVs, Glympse will allow you to keep tabs of your party at all times. If you’re planning on meeting friends at a trailhead prior to setting out on a hike or mountain bike ride, the app will let everyone know where and when to meet.

Glympse can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and computers. The service is free and locations can be shared with anyone, even if they don’t happen to have the app installed on their device.

Find out more at glympse.com.