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Home News August Home becomes the most flexible voice-controlled smart lock

August Home becomes the most flexible voice-controlled smart lock

Why it matters to you

Users no longer have to choose their smart lock based off their voice-control platform of choice.

The appeal of a smart lock becomes evident the moment a user crawls into bed and realizes they forgot to lock the front door. With the addition of modern voice control platforms, this is even easier.

August Home, known for their smart locks and smart home access services, announced that its Smart Lock now works with the Google Assistant on Google Home. This addition makes August the first smart lock on the market to support all three major voice-control platforms. Whether a user prefers Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant, the August Smart Lock will be compatible.

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“Voice control continues to be a significant driver of smart home adoption and the Google Assistant on Google Home is a key partner in delivering a great user experience,” says August Home CEO Jason Johnson. “Today users can lock and check the status of their lock using the Google Assistant. We are also working with the Google team to develop a safe and secure way to allow unlocking via Google Assistant.”

On its own, the August Smart Lock allows users to lock or unlock their door with their personal smartphone. Additionally, virtual keys can be created for guests and an activity log keeps track of anyone who activates the device all day, every day. By pairing it with the Smart Keypad, owners can come up with unique entry codes for family, friends, and service providers. Completing the ultimate home access setup is the Doorbell Cam. Whether at the home or not, users can see and speak with visitors at the door using their personal smartphone.

Normally available for $230 on August’s website, the Smart Lock sells on Amazon for the discounted price of $180. The unit comes in both dark gray and silver variations.


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