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Need wireless headphones for a phone that can’t support wired ones? Check out Skybuds

Why it matters to you

Smartphones that lack headphone jacks are all the rage these days, and you can stay on trend with these new Skybuds — wireless earphones.

The future of headphones is clearly headed in a wireless direction, and here to help you stay in vogue is Alpha Audiotronics, which recently announced the general availability of Skybuds. Promising stellar battery life, Near-field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) connectivity, and the kind of audio quality any music enthusiast would appreciate, Skybuds may just be the last pair of headphones you need.

With Skybuds, listeners will be privy to four hours of on-the-go listening, in addition to 24 hours of extra battery life by way of the portable Skydock charging case. Like most other truly wireless headphones, Skybuds connect to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop via Bluetooth, but have distinguished themselves by being “pioneers in using NFMI within the earbuds,” which promises the most reliable connection around.

So if you’re tired of the sound sometimes cutting out of your wireless headphones, or having one earbud work better than the other, this may be the solution you’ve been searching for. And don’t worry — whether you’re an Android or Apple user, Skybuds are compatible with your device.

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These wireless headphones also come with a built-in digital microphone for phone calls and on-device button controls so you have full autonomy over your listening experience. Of course, they also claim passive noise cancellation, naturally cutting down on external ambient noise so you can totally focus on your audio content.

And thanks to Alpha Audiotronics’ collaboration with ECCO Design, Skybuds claim to be some of the most comfortable headphones around. With three fit tip options, you can rest assured that even if your ears aren’t shaped exactly like your neighbor’s, you’ll both be able to enjoy the same pair of headphones. Skybuds are also quite small, with each bud measuring no larger than the tip of your thumb.

“Wireless earbuds have typically come with all kinds of trade-offs and compromises,” said Jamie Roberts Seltzer, CEO and co-founder of Alpha Audiotronics. “Skybuds let users have it all with powerful function, versatility, and design, without sacrificing a premier listening experience. Every element of Skybuds’ truly wireless earbuds was intentionally designed, so whether you’re streaming music at the gym, joining a conference call or jumping on a plane, Skybuds fit wherever your life takes you. Our truly wireless technology not only shows the evolution of audio experiences, but also the immersive and endless possibilities of combining audio and connectivity in your ear.”

You can get your own pair of Skybuds at Best Buy or on skybuds.com.