How to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with zJailbreak and Yalu102

How to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with zJailbreak and Yalu102

Jailbreaking is an essential part of the iOS experience for many. For others, it’s unknown and dangerous. Thankfully, for those old and new to jailbreaking, there are multitude of ways to do it. Using tools such as Yalu102 and zJailbreak, jailbreaking is not only faster than ever, but also easier. Whether you’re a hardened veteran of jailbreaking, or if this is your first time trying it, this guide will help you jailbreak your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

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What is jailbreaking?

First and foremost, let’s take a moment to remember this guide is not a guarantee that you will successfully jailbreak your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. When dealing with something like a jailbreak, there is always a small chance something could go wrong with your phone, and we cannot be responsible for this. However, jailbreaking, especially with Pangu is extremely easy and you should be perfectly fine.

To ‘jailbreak’ your iPhone means you are freeing it from the limitations imposed by Apple. Freeing a device means that it can install applications from outside Apple’s iTunes App Store and you can fiddle with previously restricted aspects of an iOS device. Jailbreaking can also help you unlock your iPhone to make it available on other carriers.

To jailbreak your device, you’ll need a computer, your iOS, and your iOS cable. Most jailbreaks are compatible with any device capable of receiving the iOS 10, iOS 10.1, or iOS 10.2 updates, so if Apple has prompted you to update, then you can go ahead and follow this guide.