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Pansonics’s mirrorless selfie camera fixes your flaws

To get the best possible pictures — of yourself — you could do worse than Panasonic’s latest Lumix, the GF8. With a 16-megapixel sensor and flip-around screen, the mirrorless camera will certainly take far better pictures of you (and other stuff) than a smartphone. The drawback of putting an interchangeable-lens camera next to your face is that it also highlights your flaws, so Panasonic has introduced “Beauty Retouch” mode for selfies. In its own words, the feature “enables users –- especially women — to shoot portraits more attractively with its Soft Skin, Defocusing and Slimming effects.”

If you’re as vain as Panasonic supposes, you’ll also appreciate the faux-leather-wrapped body and choice of brown, silver, pink or orange colors. It should make a good walking-around camera too, thanks to the small size, WiFi smartphone connectivity, 5.8fps shooting speed and 1080p/60fps movie capability. Other than the re-touching features, it’s little changed over the previous GF7 model, so that must mean there’s more demand for a chichi, high-performance selfie camera than we figured. There’s no word yet on pricing or availability.

Via: Engadget Chinese

Source: DP Review

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