Dear Veronica: Become a Cosplay Master!

I start this episode with a little rant about some Apple rumors that have been circulating about: I’m pro-headphone jack, though many Apple fans out there seem to disagree with me. Insanity, I tell you!

However, my friend Bill Doran lightens the mood a bit with some tips for making your own cosplay! In my opinion, he’s one of the most creative guys out there in that world, and you can’t have a better teacher. He even made me look cool!

Finally, I give you a little tutorial for adding people on Snapchat. Specifically, I cover searching for people’s names, but you can also add new friends by taking a photo of their Snapcode (the QR-code like image in your profile) or by using location to find people in your immediate area. I will shamelessly use this opportunity to link you to my account (open on mobile), in case you’d like to add me there! 😉

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