Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Fresco News brings its citizen journalism to Apple TV


Now that most of us carry around a camera in our pockets, we’re able to provide first-person accounts of breaking news. Fresco News uses iOS and Android apps to source photos and videos from citizen journalists, and now its bringing that content to the Apple TV. Fresco curates all of the coverage it posts and compensates anyone who submits content that’s used by news outlets, so you can expect what you see in the app to be worth a look. As far as the Apple TV app goes, content is divided into three main sections: Video, Highlights and Stories.

As the name suggests, the Videos tab serves up footage of recent events, including any that are currently happening. The Highlights section gives viewers a condensed version of recent events with a mix of photos and videos so you can catch up quickly without having to navigate through the app too much. Last but not least, Stories organizes all of the submitted content for a particular news event. You can see all of the videos from the wrath of the recent winter storm Jonas there, for example. If you’re itchin’ to give it a go, the Fresco News app is now available for free from the Apple TV’s App Store.

Via: 9to5Mac

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