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Home News OnePlus 2 reservation list closing October 22 amid production issues

OnePlus 2 reservation list closing October 22 amid production issues


After amassing over 5 million sign-ups, OnePlus will be closing its reservation list next week. From October 22 onward, no one will be able to reserve a OnePlus 2, as OnePlus is now focusing on fulfilling all of those orders.

From OnePlus:

“As production is ramping up, we want to ensure that as many people as possible who signed up get their invite, so we feel it’s in the best interest of our users to close the list and make sure that this happens.”

That, of course, doesn’t mean those that aren’t on the reservation list won’t be able to get a OnePlus 2. On the contrary, those that have already purchased a device will begin to receive shareable invites, which can be given out to friends, family, forum members, and so on. There’s also still the chance at grabbing an invite from OnePlus’ social media channels, where they regularly hold contests, giving out thousands of invites at a time.

This is something OnePlus should’ve done awhile ago or maybe not even employed a reservation list at all. While the company says their list has amassed over five million sign-ups, there’s the question of how many of those sign-ups are real? Many individual users have found ways to put in hundreds of reservations, increasing their chances for the device. There’re other factors to consider as well. That said, five million sign-ups don’t necessarily mean five million sales.


Keep in mind, at this point, OnePlus is just fulfilling orders from its invite list. You still have to have an invite to get one, meaning the general public won’t be able to head over to the company’s website and just buy one. This could potentially hurt sales exponentially.

Unfortunately, most of these issues are seemingly coming from OnePlus’ problems with production. OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei announced in August that the company was running into production issues. More recently, it was announced just last month that these delays are happening worldwide.

Despite these problems, OnePlus is planning on launching the OnePlus X in India on October 29, which hopefully won’t require a reservation list. It’s also hoped that OnePlus won’t have trouble fulfilling orders with the OnePlus X in India, particularly because of the recent manufacturing partnership they agreed to in India.

source: OnePlus

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