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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 4 and Note Edge now getting Stagefright patch

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Tired of Stagefright news yet? We know it can get your news feed a bit crowded. Please be patient, as this is important! You sure don’t want hackers to have the ability to take control of your device by sending you a simple message, right? All manufacturers and carriers are working hard to get all those security patches out there, and today is a good day for some of you T-Mobile users.

Sammy and Magenta have begun rolling out Stagefright-patching updates to the Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 4 and Note Edge starting today. The Note Edge and Note 4 will stay at Android 5.0.1, while the Galaxy S5 will also keep its current software version (Android 5.1.1). There’s nothing else to these updates, with the only exception being the Samsung Galaxy S5, which is also getting some Swype fixes.

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You don’t need much to upgrade your phone. The only requirements are that your battery is at 50% or higher, you are connected to a WiFi network and there’s enough storage to download the update file. The Galaxy S5’s file weighs 388.75 MB. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge will need 142 MB and 150 MB, relatively.

Have you gotten your update notification yet? If you have not, simply go to your Settings app and check for updates. Remember, that most times these updates roll out in waves, though. If you can’t download the update yet, just stop smashing your screen and sit back for a while. It will come!

How many of you have gotten the Stagefright fix? Did it all go smoothly?

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