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Away from the television? Here’s how you can watch Super Bowl XLIX


This year’s Super Bowl will be televised by NBC and the broadcaster has about eleven hours of coverage planned on the day of the game. On NBC at 1:00pm EST, the broadcast network will air Super Bowl XLIX Pregame with kickoff at 6:30pm EST. Then, NBCSN will carry a lengthier NBCSN Sunday Sports Report once the game completes and the Lombardi Trophy is raised. Now, all of this is aired on television and more than 100 million people will tune-in; however, some either cannot be in front of the television or prefer other means of viewing.

Hit the break for alternate viewing options.


The go-to online viewing option for most is NBC Sports Live Extra. The service is available on the web and tablets. The NBC Sports Live Extra stream will begin an hour before the pregame show starts on NBC, so online viewers will have a bit of a jump. Worried about your television provider not being eligible or not having one at all? Breathe a sigh of relief. For the Super Bowl, NBC is waiving the requirement to sign in. By the way, I have had a pretty good experience streaming NBC Sports Live Extra on a tablet.


Things are very complicated for people seeking to watch the Super Bowl on their phones. The NFL Mobile app will stream the game, but only for Verizon customers that have the More Everything plan. Verizon customers without it can pay $5 per month for streaming access. Don’t worry, we’re confused by that decision too.


And, at the very least, you can Cast the NBC Sports Live Extra stream from your Chrome browser to a display with an HDMI port. Ideally, those with access to only a computer or Chromebook would do this. On the web and in its app, NBC Sports Live Extra does not have a dedicated Cast button. This option was almost required last year because FOX Sports Go did not (and still does not) have an app in the Play Store.

Not a fan of Katy Perry or Lenny Kravitz performing at half time? The alternative will be watching YouTube for its very own halftime show. Oh, and yes NBC has the rights to stream its halftime show online. For the 2012 game, NBC was not able to do so.

To recap, remember that NBC Sports Live Extra is for web and tablet viewers while the NFL Mobile app handles Verizon customers.

Who will win tomorrow — the New England Patriots or Seattle Seahawks? Lets us know in the comments!

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