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Phones4u’s old inventory is being auctioned off on the cheap

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When Phones4u collapsed, it didn’t take long for its administrators to sell off a large number of its high street stores. But what happened to the products it used to sell? Well, they also need to be shifted, and it just so happens that you might be able to grab yourself a nice pre-Christmas bargain. In a bid to find more cash to pay off the costs associated with Phones4u’s insolvency, its administrator, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), has drafted in an auction house to put up all of the retailer’s stock for sale.

Every week, starting on Friday and running until Tuesday, John Pye Auctions will list pairs of Beats headphones, Samsung and Sony smartwatches and even bulk lots of Apple charging cables (amongst other things) on its website. Simply name your price and you could potentially buy a nice bit of tech for far less than its normal retail price. This week’s auction is coming to an end, but if you’re too late, the next one will commence in a few days. Also, if you’re a disgruntled customer wondering whether that extra auction cash will filter back to you in the form of refund, don’t get too excited: PwC says that it will be used to fund payroll, rent, existing debtors and former Phones4u employees.

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Source: John Pye Auctions, Phones4u Online Auction

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