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Godus – Indie app of the day

What is Godus?

Godus is a mixture of a simulation game and a god-mode game. You play God as you sculpt a world, help people develop, and do other God-like things. It’s currently free in the Google Play Store with in app purchases.

Here’s how Godus works. You play as God but unlike games like Black and White where you have an avatar that carries out your commands, you do everything yourself by hand in a truly omnipresent fashion. You can do things like change the landscape and create mountains and water where there weren’t those things before. There is a sort of sandbox element as well because the whole world is accessible to you. There are also people that kind of do what they want but you can guide them along as you so choose.

It’s definitely something a little bit different. There are a lot of simulation elements because you can control pretty much everything but it’s also one of those games that plays itself because you can choose to do very little. The graphics are pretty decent and they’re also built in such a way that they serve a purpose which was pretty cool. The world has a topographical map look and you use that feel to alter the world as you see fit.

Godus screenshot

A little bit Sims and a little bit Black and White.


  • There is a lot to do in this game and it’s pretty much all optional.
  • Free to play and the in app purchases aren’t nearly as obnoxious as many casual games.
  • Easy mechanics allow you to enjoy the content without figuring out how to play the game.
  • Comes complete with a large world that can be edited in its entirety.
  • Decent graphics and sound along with Google Play Games services make the game feel more complete.


  • It’s still buggy for a lot of folks but it’s new so that’s expected.
  • If you don’t like sim games, casual games, or god-mode games, you probably won’t like this.
  • Can take a long time to load even on newer devices.

8.0Godus is definitely something simulation fans and casual gaming fans can enjoy. It’s a more relaxing sort of game because there isn’t the pressure of imposed time limits or level-based game play. There are the smaller things like Google Play Games services which only add depth to the game. It’s free to play so it won’t cost you anything to try it out.google play

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