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Food Battle – Indie app of the day

Food Battle review

What is Food Battle?

Food Battle is a very quirky mixture of your classic casual “3-star” style game combined with hack and slash, adventure-oriented game play. It also employs a lot humorous and occasionally vulgar situations which give this game a different sort of casual gaming feel. It’s currently free in the Google Play Store with in app purchases.

Here’s how Food Battle works. It uses the same sort of level-based, star-based game play that you’re used to from games like Angry Birds. Each level is a short adventure quest where you must do battle with various types of mutant donuts by hacking them to pieces with a sword. The game play mechanics are fairly straight forward and no one should have trouble learning how this game works. Each level contains 3-stars including a star that’s usually easy to find while the other two are generally better hidden. Once you get to the fat guy, you can exit the level.

During the game you accumulate coins which can be used to upgrade weapons and buy more weapons such as burrito bombs and the taquito gun. Of course, they all require various ingredients that are found throughout the game or you can buy them with real world money if you so choose. The whole game is wrapped up in a goofy story of a bunch of mutant donuts that have kidnapped all of your friends.

Food Battle screenshot

A different kind of casual.


  • Combines the comfortable 3-star idea with a light hack and slash concept which was surprisingly fun for a casual game.
  • Goofy story with some witty (and sometimes vulgar) banter makes the game feel more adult than other casual games. It was also pretty funny.
  • The graphics and music aren’t amazing but they get the job done and look pretty good.
  • Food Battle has an actual story line complete with plot twists which is more than expected out of a casual game.


  • It tries really hard not to be just another ‘pay to win’ casual game (for which Smosh deserves credit) but in a few areas, like in app purchases, it still is.
  • Some crashes and bugs have been reported.
  • No Google+ sign in and no Google Play Games.

7.5Overall, it’s a fun little time waster. There is more substance here than most tap-to-play casual games. However, it is still a tap-to-play casual game and thus has many of the pitfalls that the others do, including pay-to-win in app purchase mechanics and the need to grind will make the game feel repetitive. That said, the story is fun and funny and it’s still worth a shot.google play

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