An update is in the process of rolling out to the Google Chromecast app today that brings in a few changes that are news worthy. The first on the list of talking points is that the Chromecast app has received a fresh UI make over that brings the styling of material design to the app.

Chromecast app updateChromecast app update

(previous Chromecast app on the left, update on the right)

It is a new look and feel for the app. Although the account switcher is still a drop down and not a bubble interface like other Google apps have adopted recently. A new look is nice, but what is nicer is that the screencast beta function is supposed to work on all device that sport at least Android 4.4.2+ now. That dramatically increases the potential list of devices with potential support. As you might have noticed in the screens above , the old version didn’t offer screen casting. That was a Verizon Motorola Droid Turbo. After the updated APK was loaded in I was able to access the casting tab. Google does offer up a nice warning message to let you know if the device might have issues.

Warning message Chromecsat

It seemed to cast just fine and look really darn good too. Which may or may not be apparent in the image below.

Droid  Turbo Screencast

I will have to play about with it a bit later tonight and see how well she performs.The update has been rolling out throughout the day and not everyone has it yet. If you are missing out on the new changes and want to grab the APK you can do so from Gappsearly via he link below. Happy casting.

Download: Chromecast v1.9.6 APK  
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