Well, that didn’t take long: Earlier this week, the internet caught wind of a few less-than-legitimate sellers listing PlayStation 4s on Amazon at ridiculously low prices — we’re talking $90 or less for a $400 item — and took advantage of Walmart’s new price-matching policy. Now the retail giant has adjusted said policy regarding such. The company says it’ll only honor pricing from 30 “major” online retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Cabela’s and Kohl’s from here on out. Marketplace vendors, third-party sellers (one of the ways this ordeal started), etailers requiring a membership and auction sites including eBay aren’t eligible under the new revision. A Walmart spokesperson tells Wall Street Journal that it was a significant enough amount to change the policy “quickly,” but, wouldn’t say exactly how much the alleged fraud cost the company.

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Via: Walmart Newsroom (Twitter)

Source: Walmart, Wall Street Journal