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[Deal Alert] 64GB Micro SD Cards on Sale for $26.49, 32GB for $12.99; Today Only

While there are a number of phones that do not offer micro SD card support anymore, there are still plenty that do and that is sometimes a deciding factor for many people when they buy their new phone. Then we have tablets, MP3 players, cmaers and a whole slew of other devices that still use SD or Micro SD cards. The beauty of a micro SD card is the fact that they come with a converter card to make them full size if needed. That kills two birds with one stone most of the time. Today’s deal on Amazon certainly gives the public a heck of deal if boosting external storage via an SD or Micro SD card is the direction you need to go.

Sony class 10 UHS-1 64GB Micro SD card

That is a pretty killer deal on a 64GB card that has the speed to take those 1080p and 4k videos that some of these new devices can shoot. If you think 64GB is too much, you can get the 32GB for $12.99, 16GB for $7.99 or the 8GB for 8.99. Seems silly to not get the 16GB when the 8GB is a buck more. Snagging two 32GB could be good if you are on a bit of a budget and have multiple devices that could use the boost. They also have a few full size cards and USB flash drives on special today as well. The deal is only good for today, November 11th, so you best hurry if you want to snag some good deals on these.

Amazon Deal of the Day Storage cars and Flash Drive


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