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Solar Power is More Affordable Than You Might Think  

Renewable energy, environmentally friendly, green technology…these are all words that we have become familiar with over the past few years. With the energy crunch and rising prices for crude oil and other sources of power along with the rising cost of traditional electricity, it’s no wonder that many homeowners have begun to take another look at Solar Panels Salt Lake City.


Using solar energy to power your home or business is nothing new. As a matter of fact, solar panel technology has been around for decades. However, most homeowners have stayed away from installing these systems in their homes due to the high initial cost of acquisition as well as installation costs and home retrofitting. The good news is that thanks to advancements in technology and a more eco-conscious environment, getting a solar power system installed in your home is not only more affordable than ever, it can net you additional benefits such as:

  • Tax breaks -A few years ago, the federal government sought to increase the use of renewable energy sources and enacted tax incentives for homeowners who choose to install energy efficient appliances as well as solar systems in their homes. If you install a solar system before 21/31/2016, you can take 30% of the total cost to acquire and install your new system as a federal tax credit. In addition, many states have followed the lead of the federal government and have enacted similar tax breaks for those who reside in specific states or municipalities.
  • Protection against cost increases- For those who live on the grid, periodic energy cost increases are simply a fact of life. However, for those who have solar systems installed, you don’t have to worry about seeing price increases on your bill. As a matter of fact, many who install solar systems in their homes get a check from the power company if their systems are properly wired so that they can feed power back into the grid.
  • Home Value Increase – If you were to place two identical houses side by side, the one with a solar system will sell for more than the one using traditional power. Why? The cost savings you get using a solar power system simply commands a higher price.

Cost vs. ROI of Solar Panels

So, now that you know all of the benefits that you can reap by installing a solar power system, it’s time to discuss the one thing that has prevented many people from installing one in their home: cost. While it’s true that solar systems were expensive in the past, in some cases prohibitively so, in today’s world, thanks to advancements in technology, solar power systems have become very affordable. In addition to a lower cost of acquisition, many local governments have made low cost loans and other financial incentives available to homeowners looking to pursue this option. And, of course, not having to pay a power bill every month will allow the system to pay for itself sooner than you might think.

Many solar power installation companies not only offer in home solar panel installation, but Portable Solar Power Utah as well.

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