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How Technology And The Internet Could Improve Your Health


There’s long been a distinct separation between health and technology. Although hospitals have used high tech equipment for a long time, people still think of “staying healthy” as something natural. The reality is, new technology has a lot to offer when trying to improve people’s lifestyles and encourage healthier living. You might be wondering how social media and the internet could possibly be better for your health, and we’re going to find out.

Better connectivity and closer contact to experts

The reality of the modern information arena is that people are much more connected than they used to be. That doesn’t just mean you’ve got more of your friends on Facebook, but you’ve also got the ability to connect with experts in different fields should the need arise.

If you’ve got an ailment or something wrong with your health you don’t have to wait to see your local doctor to get an idea of what’s wrong with you. With cutbacks in the health industry, getting an appointment can be difficult. Sometimes, you just want a couple of extra opinions before you decide what to do next. Nowadays, you can be connected with online medical experts through a number of portals. They’ll do their best to give an outline of what might be your problem. You can also talk about your concerns with other people on specific medical forums – those who have been through the same as you and will be able to offer salient advice.

Whilst you should never replace an actual doctor, and nobody is suggesting you completely ignore them by trying to solve all your problems online – the level of support offered via the internet is almost unparalleled. The ability to connect with other people who might have the same diagnosis or condition as you is a real benefit of the internet for your health and mental wellbeing.

How else can access to the web improve your health?

Those looking to lose weight or get in shape could also join an online “fit” club”. They’re a great way to make friends and connect with other people whilst sharing the goal of getting in shape. You can upload your stats and “compete” against others. Some will also adapt personally specific plans that you can follow, sharing your results with others on the same platform.

Such innovations add an extra layer if reality and make something which is often very lonely more of a community effort . Many people simply give up when they’re trying to do something by themselves, but now you can make new friends and test yourself against other people on the internet.

Instead of signing up to a dedicated fitness or weight loss community online, you could simply share your goals and successes with your established friend network on Facebook. You’d be surprised how much difference a little moral support can make.

What other technological advances could improve your health?

The benefits of technology on daily life should be apparent, but there are also a number of new gadgets that could simply make your life easier. For those looking to quit smoking, the rise of electronic cigarettes has really taken the health market by storm. As a gadget, they work surprisingly well. With a number of benefits to your health and wellbeing when compared to traditional tobacco smoke, e-cigs are a fine example of marrying technology with a real solution to a common problem.

That’s only one example – there are simply tons of new innovations that aim to improve your health. Hearing aids might be old-hat now, but that was a technological masterpiece once upon a time. Now it’s commonplace. As technology continues to improve, new solutions hit the market which are aimed at improving your health and wellbeing.


About the author:

Kevin Elton knows how important technology can be, and has a keen interest in how gadgets can make life easier. He’s seen the rise in popularity of electronic cigarettes in recent years, and recommends them for those looking to quit smoking.

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