iOS 7 is out! Go get it!

That time we’ve been waiting for since June is finally here – iOS 7 is out in the world. Reports are flooding in that people are able to download the new update. If you’ve been waiting, fire up Software Update on your phone and do it over the air, or get ready to download the update through iTunes once it’s available.

That’s assuming we haven’t talked you out of it at this point. Just make sure you’ve backed up your iOS device first. Better safe than sorry! Also make sure you have enough free space: the download measures over 3 GB, installed over the air.

Expect unprecedented demand for the new release – there are more iOS devices in the world than ever, and iOS 7’s release has been very well publicized. Don’t be surprised if you get errors or see slow download times; just be patient, try again later, and upgrade when you can.

Are you looking forward to iOS 7? Have you been using it during its extensive beta period? Sound off in the comments! And for more information on iOS 7, check out these links: