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Home News Blue iPhone 5c photo gallery

Blue iPhone 5c photo gallery

Blue iPhone 5c photo gallery

The iPhone 5c comes in five different color variants; blue, green, pink, yellow, and white. I picked up a blue model while Rene managed to snag the green one. He’s already shown you a complete unboxing and photo gallery so it’s only fair we give the blue iPhone 5c the same treatment. Here’s a closer look from what’s in the box to the actual device itself!

Everything you find in the box is the same as what is shown in the green iPhone 5c unboxing video. The biggest difference is that the default wallpapers on each iPhone 5c match the phone color respectively straight out of the box. Nothing huge but it’s a nice touch and shows how Apple really does pay attention to every little detail.

Without further delay, enjoy the photos below and then let us know in the comments what iPhone 5c model you went for if you picked one up already!


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