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Google adding local advertisements into mobile Maps apps

Google has outlined a new advertising strategy for their mobile Maps app for Android and iOS, that sees local, “relevant” ads displayed at the bottom of the search window. Following the recently launched overhaul to Google Maps which included an iPad version for the first time, Google is now looking at how they’re going to continue to monetize it. But, as Alex Dobie at Android Central points out, this isn’t anything new.

It’s no great surprise to see Google expanding its advertising reach. And ads in Google Maps search results are nothing new — the old version of Maps displayed traditional ad blocks for certain searches, just like Maps on the web. With this latest change, Google will be hoping that local ads with increased relevance to searches will result in more clicks, while also being less obtrusive to users.

A ridiculous percentage of Google’s revenue comes from advertising. In return for giving us so much for free, we’re deluged with advertising. At least in this instance, it appears that a little bit of thought has gone into the design, so as to make the ads blend into the app. What say you? Disappointed that ads will be in your searches, or are you OK with it since we’re not handing over any cash for Google Maps in the first place?

Source: Google via Android Central

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