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Need to hire a Barclays Bike in London? Check out myCycleHire for BlackBerry 10

Another transport app recently arrived for BlackBerry 10 from mxData in the form if myCycleHire. This one is only going to be of interest if you use the Barclay Bikes in London or are planning a trip here. Essentially, all over the city are bike docks which allow you to hire the bikes and return them to another dock at the end of your journey.

The myCycleHire app does a great job in all aspects. Using GPS your BlackBerry will detect where you are and then show you on a map the nearest dock to get a bike. Click on the dock and it will show you how many bikes there are currently free for hire, how many free spaces they have, as well as the distance from you – clever stuff.

In addiction you can also view all the nearest docks in a list and you even get an arrow pointing you in the right direction with the distance. There is also a timer built into the app which will count down from 30 minutes, which is the minimum charge time to hire.

Regular users of the Barclay Bikes can add docks to a list of favorites so getting around the busy city roads can be as painless as possible as well as keeping you fit.

myCycleHire is free to download for both the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 so if you are a ‘Boris Bike’ user go grab the app now.

More information/Download myCycleHire for BlackBerry 10

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