Accessory maker ZAGG has introduced a pair of keyboard covers for the iPad Mini that work great in low light, as both come with backlit keys. A physical keyboard is a great accessory to have for anyone who does anything constituting work on their iPad, and these new options from ZAGG look promising.

The ZAGGkeys Cover claims to be the thinnest iPad keyboard on the market, coming in at just 6.3mm. Coming with a ‘unique hinge’ that allows the iPad to be positioned at virtually any viewing angle, as well as being reversible for a kickstand like effect for viewing. The backlit keys come with 7 different color options and 3 different lighting levels, and the cover boasts battery time of 3 whole months. And, as is the norm for iPad cases, it’s magnetic so it snaps shut over your iPad Mini’s display. Retail price for the ZAGGkeys cover is set to be $99.99 and will be available in silver or black.

The ZAGGkeys Folio takes the same ideas as the Cover, and turns it into a full body protecting case. It features the same hinge design, colors for the backlight on the keys, and it too will carry you through 3 months on a full battery charge. The price is also the same, at $99.99.

Both are expected to be available sometime during the summer, though no indication exactly when. If you’ve been looking for a great keyboard for your iPad Mini, would you be considering picking one of these up?

Source: ZAGG (Businesswire)