Sorcery! on iOS reincarnates Fighting Fantasy book series for tablets and smartphones

If you’re going to bring the well-loved, 30-year-old Fighting Fantasy book series to digital screens, you’d better do it right. Fortunately, Sorcery! does. The game is based on the original choose-your-own-adventure series written by Lionhead Studios co-founder Steve Jackson, with a few modern adjustments. The iOS game sidesteps the need for organic books and (unfortunately) our tried-and-tested multi-fingered bookmarking system, digitally keeping note of all your decisions along the way — in short, no cheating. Making use of the new medium, there are now touch-based sword fights to help break up the wordy play-by-play descriptions of what you’re doing. The initial installment is available now for $5 at the App Store, with the remaining three parts expected to follow later this year.

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Source: Sorcery (App Store)