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What You Should And Shouldn’t Do in Social Media for Better Success in Education Enrollment

Today, social media is treated as the solution when it comes to marketing. In terms of cost-efficiency and coverage, social media will be able to turn anything into the next viral sensation, or at the very least, give recognition to your product. On the other hand, social media marketing is not so simple. A social media marketing campaign can be a success depending on the market’s trust in the one delivering your message.

So how does all this have anything to do with getting into college? As it turns out, students are very likely to engage in social media, to the point where all their attention is focused on social networking sites. When it comes to looking for information, students are more likely to turn to social media websites for information on colleges and schools than they would to actual college websites. Because of this, college marketers have a hard time keeping up, and need to step up their game. How can they do that? By marketing in social media websites, of course. To be able to successfully market their colleges through social media, they will have to keep in mind a few things they should and shouldn’t do.

What you should do

  • Be honest. Make sure what you are saying is the genuine article. That way, you can slowly build up on credibility.
  • Be responsive. Make sure you reply to any comments given to you. If they criticize you, take it into consideration.
  • Make your conversation broad. Basically, talk to them like you would in a normal conversation. If they need help, help them.
  • Be consistent with building your brand. Think about what your college is all about. You will want the message you are giving to capture the essence of your college. Make sure that message is consistent and accurate in promoting the image of your college.
  • Leverage the people you have involved. When more people are involved in your conversations, they will become much more engaging and interesting. Everyone here has a role to play.

What you should not do

  • Do not make it a one way conversation. The whole point of promoting is to get people interested. If all you are doing is turning everything into a one-way conversation, people will not be interested in what you have to say.
  • Do not make it all about you. Remember that social media is like one big conversation. As such, it has to be an engaging one with your audience, and they have to feel relevant in the conversation.
  • Do not be rude. Your audience can easily be put off and lose interest if you act in a rude manner when sharing something relevant to them.
  • Do not forget about your content. As social media happens in real time, you have to make sure that your content has to be kept up to date with today’s interests and happenings.
  • Do not allow graffiti. Social media is very open; perhaps a little too open. As such, you can attract negative attitudes that will post offensive content in order to disrupt the flow of the conversation. Assert your control by deleting anything offensive posts. However, remember that this isn’t about censorship; rather, that you pay attention to what is going on with your followers.


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