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Scope of blogging in Social Networking

blog-31             As of today, Social networking has played a major role in blogging worldwide. Till last few years, blogging was restricted to discussion, study and research only. But after the increasing popularity of social networking sites like Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn and all, the concept of blogging was widely changed. Now you can share your thoughts and Ideas to your friends and relatives. You can comment on current affairs and controversies.

Also there are many personalities in our life which we love to follow. Blogging is one of the most convenient ways to connect with the one which we love to follow. As there are many film stars, Actors, Sports personalities and other famous personalities like politicians and social workers etc., blogging provides the connectivity to get in touch with these people. Also business users can share their business ideas, marketing policies and product services to reach the maximum clients to increase their business.

There are many benefits of blogging in social networking.

  • Connect with Friends: There are many blogs for closed user groups where you can create your own group. The topic is decided and then blogs are posted by a user and other users comment on those thoughts to share their view, experience with all other members in that group.
  • Political Blog: Here you can share your thoughts regarding current political issues, protest against some policy by the government or about any positive changes and all like that.
  • Business Blog: Here you can talk about your business, your products, services offered and different offers by the company. Also you can solve the queries by your clients and also expect the suggestions from the users. It will let you connect with all the other products in the comparative business and the customers looking for it.
  • Sports Blog:  Here you can blog about current sport tournaments, your favourite player and poll or vote regarding some game or player. Here the blogging is considered as a part of entertainment so this king of group is generally an open group.
  • Technology blog: Here can talk about latest gadgets like mobile phones, laptops and other electronic gadgets. For those who wish to buy some new product, use of such blogs is always a good option to go for a review regarding that product. Also you can know the specification of the product, its pricing and all other information regarding the product which you wish to purchase. You can compare various products and get the right product of your choice.

This way blogging can be implemented in all the sectors of our day to day life. With the help of blogging you can convey your thoughts to all those people whom you wish to reach. Also there are various blogs in education sector where you can get the details of any topic which you want to research. Also for those who wish to pursue further education, one can take expert advice about that education, know about its scope and future, career in that field etc. Hence blogging will be proved as a pioneer of revolution in near future also.


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