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Cause of Loneliness- Facebook


This is the question arise in many persons mind that isthe cause of his loneliness’ is Facebook. Sometimes the person found the answer is yes and sometimes no. So there are different types of surveys conducted by the experts to find out the answer in different countries. There is no social get together now. No parties, no friends gossip all due to this social networking web site. The craze of accessing these Social networking websites increase in large scale mainly in younger’s. Facebook play a vital role in creating the loneliness problem in society. The breakdown graph is increasing day by day and people found themselves helpless.

Cause of the Loneliness:-

  • Less gathering of friends
  • Spending more time on Facebook
  • They disclose their all  daily activities on Facebook
  • Recent photos or videos are updated on Facebook. So there is no craze left.
  • Video chats or message chat main mode used today is Facebook.

When a persongets online then on chat bar there are number of the persons online at the same time. A person chooses his favorite one and start chatting.

At the same time that person may not interests in chatting. So it creates many misunderstanding and problems that cannot solve out easily. The trust is not easy to do with that person. It is very difficult to get that trust again and person feels very lonely.The skip of shared information increased a lot. On Facebook just for fun purpose People shared thefriend’s personal information whose result is very dangerous. A person cannot trust on their friends and get scared in the sharing of the personal information. All this createshesitation and Person feelslonely. The social networking is the boon for the alone person but it is also responsible for its loneliness. The side effects of the Facebook can be observed easily.

Person Valuable time is getting loss on the access of the Facebook. There are several surveys conducted just to know the answer. It is better to have face to face communication with the friends rather than to create the network wall.

The several types of debates are done on the Facebook. About social networking websites several conducted are some just too aware the people about the benefits of the social networking websites as well as their negative effects.

Person loneliness’ can be removed only by forming stronger bonds with his family and friends that cannot be done on Facebook. So at some point Facebook is the cause of this loneliness. The bond between the human beings gets weak day by day. The realization of someone love is possible by knowing that person. Facebook is the best way of interacting but also responsible for person loneliness.

For human beings is not possible to find trusted friends on the internet and to share their personal life and the result they feel alone when they need their friends. True friends are very rare to find. Leaking of the important information is common if the share through Facebook. It is good way of communication but not to make it habit.


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