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Steve Jobs biopic to be three one-scene pre-keynotes


It would appear that the biggest-name biography movie surrounding the life and times of Steve Jobs, that being the one penned by Aaron Sorkin, will be played out in three 30-minute segments, each of them working as one single shot each. Each of these segments will work inside time behind the scenes right before the launches of the original Mac, the original iPod, and NeXT. This information was revealed this week at the Summit conference with Newsweek and The Daily Beast, Sorkin himself noting the format with little else for details.

What’s known thus far – per Sorkin – is that they plan on filming the movie in three shots. These shots will be continuous, not unlike the film Children of Men – though with far fewer deaths involved, of course. The movie will be backed by Sony and for those of you that don’t know him at the moment, Aaron Sorkin is best known for being a writer for “The West Wing”, a show of some note, and movies like The Social Network and A Few Good Men.

For those of you wondering if this is or is not the Steve Jobs biopic with Ashton Kutcher in it – it’s certainly not. That movie goes by the name “Jobs” and was written by a man named Matt Whiteley. This version has Sorkin speaking on the life of Steve Jobs years before the iPhone and iPad launched. It’s the Mac, here, that he wants to capture.

Speaking about the iconic Mac advertisement “here’s to the crazy ones”, Sorkin said thusly: “if I can live up to that ending, I will have won.” The version of the ad spot you’re seeing here has Jobs himself doing the voice-over rather than the more popular version with Richard Dryfuss doing the audio.

As for the segments this movie is going to come up on, you’ll want to begin with the Mac. This is the Apple Macintosh keynote by Steve Jobs all the way back in 1984. Have a peek and be utterly amazed.

Next you’ll see NeXT – it’s not clear at the moment if this will be the presentation they’ll be speaking about in the movie now or not, but still – interesting stuff! This is Steve Jobs speaking about NeXT OS. Very simple stuff, very visionary.

Then it’s time for the original iPod. This device appears to be a beast compared to the devices we use today, but back then it was an industry-changer. We’ll be getting an interpretation of the action behind the stage before this event started in the movie – can’t wait! Also – please excuse Comic Sans – Apple wasn’t part of the graphic design and typography modernism at the time.

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