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Ferrari by Logic3 launches new headphones, Bluetooth speaker dock

If you’re the type of person who needs every aspect of life to be stylish (and/or expensive), then Ferrari by Logic3 has a pair of new products aimed directly at you. Today Logic3 announced that its launching its Cavallino T350 headphones and Scuderia FS1 Bluetooth speaker dock worldwide. Both look pretty sleek, but with that unmistakable Ferrari branding, both will also cost a pretty penny.

Let’s start right off with the Cavallino T350 headphones. These headphones come equipped with 40mm drivers and Active Noise Cancelling technology, so they should do something to keep ambient noise at a minimum. The band and ear cups are decked out in leather, and the Cavallino T350 features an in-line remote to help with ease-of-use with mobile devices and MP3 players. The headphones will require a payment of $399, so be prepared to plop down some serious cash if you want a set for yourself.

Next we come to the Scuderia FS1 Bluetooth speaker dock. The 2.1 speaker system features Class HD technology that’s been integrated with a Digital Signal Processor, which Logic3 says results in excellent sound quality despite the dock’s small size. It also comes equipped with Bluetooth for wireless playback (obviously), along with a 30-pin connector so you can connect your iDevices. That kind of functionality will cost you though, as the Scuderia FS1 has been stuck with a price tag of $549.

So both are pretty expensive, but if you want to pick one up, the Cavallino T350 and the Scuderia FS1 are available now at Ferrari’s website. If you’re more the brick and mortar type, Logic3 says they’ll be available at “select retailers nationwide,” but failed to actually mention any stores that carry these products. What do you think, are these Ferrari branded peripherals for you, or are they a little too expensive for your tastes?

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