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Xi3 hits Kickstarter to fund X3A, X7A modular computers


Xi3, a company that has been designing tiny modular computers for a couple years now, is hitting up Kickstarter to gain funding for all-new modular units that will be more powerful than the company’s previous builds. Xi3 is looking to manufacturer two different models, one for budget-minded users and the other for power users. Both of these computers will be roughly the size of a grapefruit and will be powerful enough to act as a full-blown desktop computer.

We first heard from Xi3 back in November 2010, when they initially unveiled their modular computer, and they later showed the device off at CES 2011. Now, the company is running a Kickstarter campaign through the end of the month to try and get at least $250,000 in funding to start producing two new models. This marks the first time that desktop computers are getting crowd-funded.

The X3A will be the company’s budget modular PC, which will run a 1.65GHz dual-core processor and boast 4GB of RAM with at least 32GB of SSD storage (up to 1TB). If Xi3 meets their funding goals, the X3A is expected to ship this January for a price starting at $499. The company’s more-powerful model, the X7A, will feature up to a 3.2GHz quad-core processor with 4GB-8GB of RAM and at least 64GB of SSD storage (up to 1TB as well). This model is expected to ship in February for a starting price of $1,100.

Xi3 is looking to completely change the computer market forever with these new modular machines. Not only are they wanting to shake things up by introducing a completely new type of computer, but the smaller devices are also meant to cut down on the amount of materials that are used in traditional computers. By turning a full-blown PC into a small package the size of a softball, Xi3 is looking help the environment by cutting back on building materials and saving electricity.

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